"ROADE RACING": A Story of the American Dream
A collection designed and crafted for the Spring/Summer '22 NYU Annual Gallatin Fashion Show. Falling under the  Special Projects Division of   Lone Peak,   this  project  focused  on the evolution  of  the  American Dream over the last 50 years, as told through the lens of an American racing company.    All   handmade,   17 pieces;    original   graphics,    unique   storyline.

Look 1

Look 4

Left: "THE RACE".
Racing graphic created by Redwood Redwood

Below: "50 YEARS OF RACING".
Poster graphic for the runway show.
Presented on March 5, 2022 in New York, NY
Right: Handmade, Washed and Dyed Japanese Denim.
One of the most fun parts of the project was the distressing in order to place the viewer in the time where the clothes would have been made and worn. For the jeans, that included sanding down raw, indigo denim to show the points of wear and then bleaching them in order to get the light blue fade. The pants were then dyed in order to fill the white, sanded areas with "dirt" and stay true to the story.

Below: Behind the Scenes.
A collection of photos shot during the production and development phases of the project.

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